Get Connected

Connected Recruiting is an established fixture in the Alberta recruitment market.  The unique experience offered by our firm has become favored by industry leaders.

Consultants working with Connected Recruiting understand what it takes to be successful in their respective fields.  They are experts themselves.  Their ability to source talent comes from years of experience and doing things right themselves.  Including: managing people, processes, sales, and so on.

When designing the strategy behind Connected Recruiting we felt it was important to have the ability to dig deeper into your organization, search farther for your talent and guarantee our work.  How do we accomplish this?

First off, we try to avoid the recruiter cliché of “A recruiter’s job is to find you the best talent for your team and it is your challenge to keep them…”

If Connected Recruiting was built on that pretense then we feel that we would probably just be a different brand to the already overly competitive market, so in order for us to do our job correctly, we need to help you not only keep the employees we find, but to help them grow!

How we do that is our secret!  Call us to find out more.

We guarantee that by working with Connected Recruiting will help to strengthen your office, build a better team and prove that we are more than just another recruiting company.